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Heating oil, kerosene, paraffin, gas oil, and diesel are types of fossil fuel, which are commonly used for heating systems. These refined petroleum products are primarily utilized for heating homes, businesses, and industrial facilities.

The fuels listed below are available at some of the 210+ suppliers listed in our database. A rough rule of thumb to remember is the larger the supplier the more likely they are of carrying a full range of products. The common theme for this website however is types of heating oil.

Heating Oil

Heating oil is a refined liquid petroleum used for heating residential and commercial buildings. It contains a blend of crude oil and natural gas liquids, and its composition varies depending on the refinery source. Its specific gravity is between 0.82-0.87, and it has a higher energy density than kerosene, diesel, and gasoline.


Kerosene is a colorless liquid with a faint odour and is commonly used as a fuel for aircraft, jet engines, and space rockets. It is a highly refined petroleum product with a specific gravity of 0.78-0.81, which is lower than heating oil. Kerosene also has a lower boiling point, which makes it more volatile than heating oil. It is primarily used as a heating fuel in areas without natural gas lines.



Paraffin is a waxy substance that is commonly used for candles, cosmetics, and in industrial applications. It is produced from crude oil and consists of a mixture of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons. Paraffin has a higher melting point than other petroleum products, which makes it suitable for solid fuel applications such as candles.


Gas Oil (Red Diesel)

It is a Criminal Offence to use Gas Oil as a road fuel.

Gas oil is a distillate fuel oil that is used in heating systems, generators, and engines. It is similar to diesel fuel, but its sulphur content is higher, and it is only used for non-road applications. In the United States, gas oil is mainly used for heating purposes, whereas in Europe, it is used for diesel engines.

This fuel is favoured by farmers, for use in their tractors and by commercial customers for generators and industrial heating. It carries government duty, and thus is always more expensive per litre than kerosene. Gas Oil is also known as 35 second burning oil.

Diesel (White Diesel or Road Diesel)

Diesel fuel is a refined petroleum oil that is used for transportation, generators, and heating systems. It has a specific gravity of 0.83-0.87, and its energy content is higher than gasoline. Diesel fuel is also known for its high compression ignition properties, which allow for more efficient combustion in diesel engines.

As of 2006, almost all of the petroleum-based diesel fuel available in Europe and North America is of a ULSD type. ULSD has a lower energy content due to the heavy processing required to remove large amounts of sulfur from oil, leading to lower fuel economy. Using it requires more costly oil and is generally more expensive than unleaded gasoline.

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