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Heating Oil Price

The last seven days have seen UK Average prices rise by 0.55 ppl to 34.55 ppl with a daily average over the last days of 34.00 following a relatively flat week week in heating oil prices.

The highest price change was recorded in Northern Ireland which increased by 1.25ppl to 32.16 ppl with an average over the 7 day period of 31.03ppl.

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Crude prices have moved slightly downward this week and fall within the $44 – $46 per barrel. The dollar lurched back to $1.30 Saturday citing The Foreign Secretary’s Boris Johnson’s comments that “The UK will “probably” begin formal negotiations to leave the European Union early in 2017″.


Prices in the UK are still relatively low compared with prices over the last two years because of the crude oil price and a week pound against the dollar. At these forex prices all oil products in the UK are approximately 4% dearer.

All prices in the table above are averages and will differ from postcode to postcode and by supplier.
They are for guidance only and do not constitute an offer.

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Buying direct from a heating oil supplier is your best choice as heating oil brokers can and do charge a premium of between 1p and 5p per litre for doing "the leg work". Since 19/12/2011 the average commission charge is 2.4 ppl above a local heating supplier, higher in winter and lower in summer.