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Crude oil prices are making a very mild come back from anotherj setback since their troubled past last week.

Brent Crude is up to $50.91 up $0.27 or 0.53%.  WTI is still well below the $50.00 mark, but trading up at $48.30 up $0.26 or 0.53%. 

Bloomberg’s heating oil price at $1.5030 per gallon is up by $0.62 or 0.41%. We are now past the traditional heating season and heating oil prices will continue to  stabilise.

Over the last 14 days the average UK price ranged from 43.25 ppl to 40.55 ppl.

This week saw UK average heating oil drop a 0.80 in one weeks. 

The blue logarithmic UK Average price continues to trend downwards and just below the 41.00 ppl mark, but we know prices over the UK are in the 39.00 ppl – 42.00 ppl range.

The milder weather, and the poor performance of crude will continue to force heating oil downward.

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Over the last 7 days the average UK heating oil price has tumbled by 1.23 ppl to 40.99 ppl with an average of 41.54. In England, prices fell by 1.44 ppl to 40.59 ppl with an average of 41.21 ppl.

Scotland has surprisingly increased by 0.08 ppl and is at 44.02 over the week with an average of 43.97 ppl.  Wales saw a fall of 1.42 ppl to 40.35 ppl with an average of 41.40 ppl. Northern Ireland saw a fall of 1.03 ppl to 39.00 ppl with an average of 39.22 ppl.

Prices in the table above are averages and will differ from postcode to postcode and by supplier.Getting a quote from our many suppliers that are local businesses helps give your local community support.

Choose your supplier carefully. We recommend you not to buy from brokers unless you can afford their prices, wait for your delivery and not know who is making the delivery.

We highly recommend you buy from a local heating oil supplier and use our website to get free quotes fromsuppliers to your area.

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