Thursday February 22nd 2018.  Crude Oil prices are once again falling this week. Brent Crude has fallen by $0.53 or 0.81% to $64.89. WTI, is $61.00 down $0.68 or 1.10%. The oil market #heatingoil price is also down at $1.9206 down $1.17 or 0.61.

In normal circumstances you would expect UK domestic prices to fall with this news. However, Mother Nature is playing her hand this time and UK heating Oil prices are going up because of disruptive weather due in from the East from Friday onwards. See #beastfromtheeast

The Met Office has warned there is a risk of widespread snow through to the end of this month. with temperatures starting to fall through this week. Sunday, it is likely to turn very cold with daytime temperatures of freezing expected quite widely through this period.  Confidence in their forecast is high for unstable weather, there is now a greater chance of snowfall next week, mostly in the east but even in western regions.

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Over the last 14 days ther has been a net drop inthe UK #heatingoil market price of some 0.19ppl but yesterday and today sees a net increase of 0.52 ppl.

There were falls last week but these have been wiped out by subsequent price rises due to the weather turning bitterly cold after the weekend as air from Siberia heads our way.  Today has seen further smaller price increases but the full extent of the weather forecast will determine even higher prices between now and next week.

There is every confidence the cold weather will last int the first week of March, the start of the meteorological spring.

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Over the last 7 days the average UK #heatingoil price is 50.77 up by 0.99ppl with a weekly average of 50.17ppl. With the freezing weather coming in prices are set to go higher.  In the regions, prices are mixed. Prices in England rose by 1.05ppl to 50.99ppl with an average of 50.34ppl.  In Scotland prices rose by 0.78ppl to 50.59ppl with a 7 day average of 50.15ppl.

Wales saw an increase of 1.07ppl to 48.79ppl with a 7 day average of 48.33ppl. In Northern Ireland prices fell by 0.13ppl to 49.12ppl with a 7 day average of 49.10ppl.

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