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Friday 20th April 2018.  Crude Oils have risen slightly and fallen back over the last 2 days but the overall trend is up as OPEC now claims victory in redice surplus crude. Brent Crude is down by $0.60 or 0.08% to $73.72. Similarly, WTI is also down to $68.16 losing $0.13 or 0.19%. The #heatingoil price though is back up! At $2.1120, it is up $0.26 or 0.12%. Fortunately, with warm weather for most in the UK this will probably not reflectin changes in the UK domestic heating oil market.

The news from theweatheroutlook.com  website for the rest of the week and next week is included below.

Friday: Most of England and Wales has a fine and very warm day but a few isolated showers may break out in the afternoon. In southern and central regions temperatures peak close to 27C (81F). Scotland and Northern Ireland have sunny spells but it will be cooler and showers are more likely.

Saturday: Sunny spells will be widespread but in central and western areas showers develop and push northwards into Northern Ireland and Scotland. Central and eastern regions should remain fine and warm but temperatures probably won’t be as high as in recent days. Heavy showers become widespread overnight.

Sunday: Heavy showers push eastwards and are followed by drier and brighter weather. Central and south eastern England stays warm but in the north and west it will be quite a lot cooler than recently.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Unsettled conditions bring showers or longer periods of rain to all regions. There will be drier and brighter interludes with the best of them in the south. Temperatures in the south shouldn’t be far off the average but the north is likely to be chilly. It could also be windy at times.

Week commencing 28th April shows an Atlantic based pattern probably remains in place throughout the week. There is a chance of low pressure becoming centred to the west of the UK and that could lead to warmer air being pulled up from the south across the eastern half of the UK at times.

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The last 31 days has seen average UK #heatingoil prices generally tumbling by an average of 3.70ppl despite two 3 day periods where prices rose. By comparison, this day last year the average price for heating oil was 41.49ppl! Prices look to fall over the next few days and may lower due to the warmer weather. However, we are set to see temperatures also fall next week so check your tanks now.

More recently, the last 14 days UK heating oil prices have continued to fall. UK market place prices now show a consistent net drop over the last eight days in the of 1.74ppl or 3.2%.

Our advice is to keep those tanks topped up this time of year especially with these prices. If you are low on fuel, less than 25% then you need to take action now and fill up at good prices.

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Over the last 7 days the average UK #heatingoil price has continued to fall. Heating oil prices look set to continue downward for the time being.  The average UK price today is 53.09ppl a drop of 1.17ppl or 2.16% on the week the average is now 53.79ppl. In the regions, England prices on average are down by 1.42ppl or 2.59% to 53.36ppl with average prices settling at 54.20ppl.

In Scotland prices stayed static and are now at 53.22ppl with a 7 day average of 53.30ppl. Prices did start to fall Tuesday.

Wales again saw a fall of 0.32lppl or 0.62% to 51.12ppl with a 7 day average of 51.30ppl. In Northern Ireland prices fell by 1.18% or 0.60ppl to 50.10ppl with a 7 day average of 50.40ppl.

We are expecting the overall average UK #heatingoil price to fall very gradually then stabilise toward the end opf this week as we are now at the end of the extended heating oil season and the temperatures warmer than of late.

The average price table is a guide only and does not constitute an offer.  As regional, postcode and supplier differences occur, we encourage you to obtain multiple and competitive #heatingoilquotes from heatingoilshop.com to get the latest deals and prices from the suppliers delivering to your area.

Please note, we do not charge suppliers or consumers brokerage commissions nor do we add surcharges like other sites.

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