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Wednesday 23rd August  Brent has lost some of some of its gains since yesterday and this morning down $0.22 to 51.65 or 0.42%. 

WTI has fallen by the same amount to $47.61 up or 0.46%. Bloomberg’s heating oil is also down $0.65 to $1.5847 or 0.41%.

Early gains in heating oil prices over last two days have now been  wiped out. Expect to see some small falls over the next few days. With the start of the heating oil season literally just around the corner take advantage of the lower summer prices.

UK heating oil prices have started to move down again after a very erratic last 14 days.

We  have seen heating oil prices gain an additional maximum of 0.55ppl on an upwards moving roller coaster.  The blue logarithmic UK Average price trend is currently sitting at just over 39.03ppl and still showing an upward trend although today has seen some respite in pricing

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Over the last 7 days the average UK heating oil price has fallen by 0.01ppl to 39.04ppl with a 7 day average of 38.99ppl. In real terms there has been very little movement in the market place this week apart from today. 

In England, prices rose by 0.16ppl to 38.64ppl with a seven day average of 38.47ppl.  Scotland has decreased by 0.35ppl over the week to 42.05ppl with an average of 42.21ppl.

Wales saw a fall of 0.11ppl to 38.86ppl with an average of 38.91ppl. Northern Ireland also saw a decrease of 0.10ppl to 37.92ppl with a 7 day average of 37.96ppl.  

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