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Some of our customers that have used our Heating Oil web site
Heatingoilshop.com is the UK's only #1 Commission and Surcharge Free Heating Oil Site. It provides a simple, multiple price quote service to find cheap home heating oil.

All you have to do is select any number of suppliers that supply fuel to your postcode area.

We have access to over 210+ independent suppliers up and down the country.

There is no doubt that we are better placed than any other similar website to get you a competitive quote direct from the supplier without any commission fees!!!!

Remember, when suppliers compete for  the price of domestic oil and the highest quality of service, you benefit by getting a better deal and a wider choice of prices.

Over the last year some of our customers have placed 4 orders at different times with 4 different suppliers because the price has been cheaper on each occasion they used this website. And the same high quality service was the same from all the suppliers.

History of HeatingOilShop.com

We are an owner-managed business started in 2011 by a former oil company executive with over 32 years oil industry experience in the domestic, commercial, retail and lube oil markets. The original idea was conceived over 15 years ago while discussing the completion of a supplier's website.

We know the industry, but better still we know that marketing the price of domestic fuel oil is a complex business. Best of all, we are totally independent from any oil company producer, supplier or distributor and receive no commissions.

Prices and quotes

Local price quotes are unique to individual suppliers. They are subject to availability of oil product, general market trends, the distance from sthe upply depot, weather conditions (especially in winter) and delivery schedules.

This is a screenshot of the heatingoilshop.com results page We have no influence on their prices. Pricing is unique to every supplier and will change from day to day sometimes hour by hour at the height of the season.

Most quotes are only valid for 24
hours due to the volatile nature of the price of crude oil.

HeatingOilshop.com is primarily a lead generator, forwarding your needs to your chosen suppliers that service
your postcode.

We do not take orders, your money or deliver fuel.

We do provide you the tools that help you get as many quotes you desire in the shortest possible time, and in all one place.

If the cost is the biggest issue for you as a customer, you may want to consider a reputable company that offers COD terms. By paying cash on delivery, you should get the best price for oil on any given day. We still highly recommend you shop around for the best price and service

Remember :-

• We are totally independent of any supplier or distribution related company.
• We are not owned by an oil supplier.
• We do not have any conflict of interests.
• We do not and will not represent any supplier or give preferential areas to suppliers.
• We are not a comparison site.
• We are a lead generator, you choose suppliers who you contact with quotes request via the site..
• We do not and will not publish prices on the internet only guideline averages..

oil road tanker
This website is free to consumers and suppliers alike.

Some facts about heating oil comparison sites and their owners!

Unlike, other broker sites, such as Boilerjuice®, we do not charge an additional 1p - 5p extra per litre. Boilerjuice® is no longer owned by the DCC / GB Oils group, but our research shows they still have tenuous supplier links with their former owners.

Heatingoil.co.uk is a broker site owned by Certas (Formerly DCC / GB Oils the company investigated by the OFT) BUT most of the suppliers quoting prices, (95% of them) are owned by the DCC /GB Oils commodity group. There are many others that claim to be independent but on the face it are not.

FACT: Using a broker is detrimental to your financial health and can put up your final bill by an additional £9 - £45 or more on the UK average fill of 900 litres. We however, do not charge, you or suppliers for this service, which makes it very cost effective for suppliers.

Whilst we do everything in our power to ensure, the accuracy of delivery postcode information, a supplier is not obliged to act upon your quote request. We also cannot be held responsible for non delivery, or non reply from a supplier to your quote request.

However, we would like to hear from you if you do not receive at least 50% of your requested heating oil price quotes.

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